Project Images On Points And Meshes

  • SEQUOIA lets you project images onto both Points and Meshes.
  • Projection modes include Orthographic and Perspective Planar images, PanoramicSpherical and Cubic projections.
  • Projections can be aligned interactively by matching as least four 2D points on the image with 3D points on the object.
  • Screenshots of SEQUOIA Viewports can be re-projected onto objects.
    • For example, texture a low-resolution mesh with a high-resolution screenshot of the mesh or the point cloud.
  • The order of projection blending can be controlled using a familiar Photoshop-style Projection Layers dialog.
  • Projections can be occluded by points and/or geometry, and can be blended based on Alpha channel and surface Normals.
  • Projections can be exported with the mesh either as a single unwrapped UV texture map, as PTex, or as Vertex Colors.