Import And Export Mesh Files In Several Formats

  • SEQUOIA can read and write several industry-standard mesh formats: .OBJ.PLY, .STL, and Thinkbox .XMESH.
  • SEQUOIA offers a Batch processing tool for mass-importing mesh files.
  • SEQUOIA provides a Batch exporter for exporting multiple mesh objects to multiple mesh files, or to a single file
  • The HACKSAW feature can save multiple "Partitions" of a single mesh as a sequence of mesh files in any supported format.
  • A single SEQUOIA Mesh Loader object can load all or a fraction of a Partition file sequence.
  • The Partition meshes can be exported as a single mesh if desired, and can be optionally welded to a continuous mesh.
The Batch "Export Mesh Objects" Dialog.

The Batch "Export Mesh Objects" Dialog.