Sequoia 1.1 Previews

Sequoia 1.1, a new version of the standalone point cloud meshing application will be previewed for the first time at SIGGRAPH 2016. Additional advancements include:

  • Double the speed of v1.0
  • Native Linux support
  • New workflows capable of maintaining geo-referenced data precision
  • Simplified process of exporting textured mesh data to 3D applications and game engines.
  • Baking high-resolution point colors to texture maps

Sequoia quickly and efficiently creates geometry from point cloud data acquired from laser scanners, photogrammetry and other sources. Compatible with the Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, it easily handles large data sets exceeding system memory, and remains interactive throughout. Native integration with Thinkbox’s Deadline enables point cloud and mesh processing across multiple compute nodes.

Other feature additions include:

  • Support for new point cloud file formats, including Zoller + Fröhlich and Riegl;
  • New mesh file formats, including Autodesk .FBX, U3D, and 3D PDF; and
  • New image file formats .CIN, .DPX, .HDR and .SGI.

Scripts for importing meshes and textures in Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya are also provided.

SIGGRAPH 2016 attendees can check out Sequoia 1.1 during the show in Thinkbox’s booth #449.