The SEQUOIA package includes one workstation
and two network compute licenses.

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$750/year after the 1st year

Please contact Sales to request a free time-limited Evaluation license, 
or to inquire about purchasing.

SEQUOIA is a Stand-Alone Application
for Point Cloud Processing and Meshing.


The following concepts lie in the foundation of the system:

Asynchronous: SEQUOIA handles user interaction and data processing asynchronously to ensure interactivity even during heavy calculations.

Multi-Threaded: SEQUOIA was designed from the ground up to take advantage of modern multi-processor systems.

Multi-Document: SEQUOIA lets you work on multiple documents at the same time, even side-by-side.

Auto-Caching: Data like the results of a meshing calculation will be cached automatically and can be accessed at a later point if the same parameters are specified by the user without additional processing.

Out-Of-Core: Data processing can be performed successfully even if the system memory does not allow all data to be loaded at once.



SEQUOIA runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.


Scalable: SEQUOIA runs on a wide range of hardware, from dedicated 3D graphics workstations through gaming PC, laptops, and even Microsoft Surface Pro tablets.

DEADLINE and Cloud-Ready: SEQUOIA supports point data conversion and meshing operations, including "Hacksaw" distributed meshing, using Thinkbox Software's DEADLINE Compute Management Solution. A plugin for DEADLINE, as well as two network processing licenses, are included with the SEQUOIA package.

Consistent User Experience: The SEQUOIA User Interface is build on Qt technology and provides the same look and feel across platforms.